I have a couple of venues in mind for the release of Just Peel It.  Just working on the nuts and bolts.  Can’t wait to share more details with you!


A belated Happy New Year! I hope 2018 is a great year for you all!  Who is ready for a new CD?  Just Peel It will be released this year!  #newyearsresolution 


Mr. Harley 3rd CD update! I went into the Alpaca Ranch Recording Studio to work on mixing and final touch ups of Just Peel It. The CD is going to sound sooooo good. The mixing process should finished by the end of March and then it’s off you Mastering!! I am very excited!


I updated my schedule with EVERY sing date I have book for the rest of the year! Mark your calender’s because I will be seeing you at a Mr. Harley show real soon!


Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is a great year for you all!


Merry Christmas everyone!!


My Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is finished! I raised $5000 towards making my 3rd Kids CD! That is so amazing! Thank you to everyone who contributed! I am grateful! I can’t wait for you to hear the finish product!


Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!


I am 11 days in and at 27% of my goal!! I can’t thank you all enough! Please continue to spread the word about my campaign. If you have not been able to contribute click on the link below and get started!


I am working on something HUGE!!! This is bigger than anything I have ever done before and you are going to find out what it is real soon! Intrigued? Good! Keep coming back in the coming week as I unveil more info!


I have been hard at work writing for my 3rd CD! I am hoping for a November release date! Stay tuned for the big things coming your way!


Back in Florida and back in action!


I am really excited about my trip back to Maine for the month of July! Check my schedule page for all the shows!


Do you Like Mr. Harley on Facebook and follow him on Twitter? If you don’t, you should! on Facebook and @mrharleymusic on Twitter


So I have huge huge HUGE news! My song Blue Shirt in a clothing commercial for s.Oliver! The commercial aired in 14 countries for over 260 MILLION people!! Clink on the link for watch the commercial! Note that there is suggestive material in the commercial which my not be suitable for younger eyes.


Are you looking to experience a Mr. Harley show for you and your family? Well look no further. I have just updated my schedule through October!!! Click on Schedule for all the info!


Hey everybody! If you have a little one who is celebrating a birthday and you would like some children’s music, send me an email at! I love playing birthday parties!


Happy New Year to everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday and that 2016 is off to a great start. I am ready to make 2016 something big so stay tuned!


Mr. Harley is back in hot and humid Florida and he is ready to rock! Check the schedule for all of his dates!


I would like to thank all of my Maine friends for coming out to see me while I was here. I had a blast! See you next year!


Getting to ready to make the month long trip to Maine! Check my schedule for all my July dates!


Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing moms everywhere!!


I am currently hard at work booking for my summer. There is nothing better than some Mr. Harley music to cool you off during those hot summer months!

For all my Florida friends, I am currently working on booking for June and August. If you have a birthday party, summer camp, library, or community event, please send me an email! I would love to make your event even better!

For all of my New England Friends, I will be coming back up to Maine for the month of July. I have a bunch already booked (details soon) but have lots more I can fill in. If you have an event or know of an event that could use the awesomeness of Mr. Harley please let me know!


Big Mr. Harley News!!! I will be coming to Maine for a show on March 8th in Hallowell for the Heart for Ezra event! Oh yeah, The Strollers will be there as well! Good times will be had for a an amazing cause!


Happy New Year. May 2015 bring you everything you have ever dreamed of!


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


It’s beginning to look a lot like busy. The Christmas Season is in full effect and Mr. Harley has plenty of events for you to enjoy during the hustle and bustle of your Holiday Season! Check my schedule for an event near you! Merry Christmas!


Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Eat some turkey and piece of pie for Mr. Harley!


Are you having a Holiday Party? Well, why not book Mr. Harley?! I play all the best Holiday songs like Frosty and Rudolph, as well as your favorite Mr. Harley songs! I can also play your favorite adult artists like Paul Simon, The Beatles, and the Eagles. I can make any holiday gathering even better! Email me at for more information


Happy Halloween everyone!! Please stay safe and have fun!!!


I am back in action after a nice long (and much needed) August rest. I have updated my schedule and am working on some exciting things. If you haven’t already liked my Facebook Page or followed me on Twitter, please do so. It would make me happy


Mr. Harley need’s your help!! I have two shows tomorrow and I want to make a Mr. Harley video out of the both of them one …

The first show is at Fort Halifax Park at 10:30 AM in Winslow for the Winslow Public Library and Waterville Public Library! This event is free to the public. Our second show is at Vaughan Woods & Historic Homestead (aka Hobbitland,) in Hallowell Maine. We are part of the Garden Stage Series. The event starts at 4 PM. Tickets for this show are $10/adults $5/kids 2 and under are free!

Here is what I need … Please bring and wear your Blue Shirts (adults included,) and get ready to dance! You never know, you might see you and your kids on video! Please, please, PLEASE spread the word about both shows. Share away! The more the merrier!! Come see Mr. Harley before I head back to Florida! I hope to see you tomorrow!


I am in Maine! I made it and am looking forward to all the fun times! Hope to see you at a show real soon!


Happy New Music Monday Everyone! This month I decided it would be best to release a brand new video. My very first one for kids. It’s for my song ‘These Rhyming Friends of Mine.’ Please Share with as many people as you can. Thank you.


I have done it folks. I have won an award! Not just any award, a Macaroni Kid Gold Daisy Award! You are looking at the award winning Children Entertainer, Mr. Harley! That’s nice, I like that. Thank you to everyone who voted! My next award will be a Grammy.


Mr. Harley has a confession to make. Today is New Music Monday, where I release a brand new Mr. Harley song. However, there is no new song this month. As a substitute I was hoping to release my “NEW” video of ‘These Rhyming Friends of Mine’ today, but unfortunately it is not finished. I am sorry for this. On the bright side, it looks like May will feature a brand new song AND a brand new video! Bring on May!!


Happy New Music Monday! Here is my new song!!! It’s called, Five Fingers and it’s available for purchase at for $1! It’s well worth the price, I promise!


It was the second day of shooting for my video ‘These Rhyming Friends of Mine.’ It was an outdoor shoot on the back lot of Full Sail University! I can’t wait for you to see this video!


I will be returning to Maine for a special show on Saturday MAY 24th at the Lithgow Library in Augusta! You read correctly! May 24th!! This event will feature Mr. Harley and the Strollers! It will be at 10 AM and will take place at the Augusta Waterfront! Mark your calenders! See you in May!


The first day of shooting for my video ‘These Rhyming Friends of Mine’ at Full Sail University is in the books! What an amazing experience I am a part of. Rob Schnieder of SNL fame was filming his new show in the next studio and I got to meet him and ask him if he would cameo in my video. Unfortunately he was unable! Check my Facebook page for pictures and updates


Mark you calenders New England, because I am going back to Maine in July!! Check out the schedule page for all my dates through July!


Happy New Music Monday everyone!! Go to to download the brand new Mr. Harley song, Stick Figure Man. The song is $1 to download but you can pay more if you would like!


Mr. Harley Present’s: New Music Monday!!! It has begun! Go to to download the brand new Mr. Harley song, I wrote a Disco Tune (20 years too late.) SPECIAL PROMOTION TODAY ONLY (January 27th 2014:) Pick your own price. That’s right, you pick whatever you want to pay for the song! My suggestion … pay more (it’s worth it!)


I just booked my first recording session in Florida! It will be at Alpaca Ranch Recording in February. I am super excited and a bit nervous (I always get a little nervous when recording,) but I am ready. Good things are happening!


2014 goals start right now … On the 4th Monday of every month in 2014 I will post a NEW Mr. Harley song to download. I call it New Music Monday! Mark your calenders because the first song will be offered on “Monday” January 27th.

FAQ: Where can I get this new Mr. Harley song?

Answer: Online and online only. Mr. Harley’s new music will be available on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora among others. 2014 is going to be amazing!!!


Here are my Goals for 2014 …
A new Mr. Harley song released once (or twice) a month!
Going to Maine again in July!
Mr. Harley music videos!
Mr. Harley learn to play music tutorial videos!
Getting Florida to like me as much as Maine does (it will happen!)
Getting the great U.S. of A to like me as much as Maine does!
Write and record some Christmas music!
Monthly contests!
More smiling!
Play hockey more!
Adding more Mr. Harley merchandise!


Happy New Year! Please help me make 2014 the year of Mr. Harley!


I have just joined Instagram! Follow me @mrharleymusic!


Merry Christmas everyone!!! Mr. Harley loves Christmas! I hope to get to spend it with friends and family!


Big News! Full Sail University has signed on to film a music video to a Mr. Harley song!!! What song you may ask? Well, It’s ‘Rhyming Friends of Mine’ for ‘Blue Shirt!’ The video should be starting in early 2014!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Happy Halloween! Please stay safe and get lots of CANDY!!!


Do you know what the perfect addition to any child’s birthday party is? Brad Pitt. After Brad Pitt is Mr. Harley. Book Mr. Harley for your child’s birthday party today. Email for more details!


Did you know that Mr. Harley is everywhere on the internet? Do you use Facebook? Well, “Like” Mr. Harley at! Maybe Twitter is your thing. You can follow me @mrharleymusic and tweet hello! Do you like watching videos? Subscribe to the Mr. Harley YouTube Channel! There are so many ways to stay connected! See you online!


Good things are happening in Mr. Harley Land. I am working with an animator who worked for Disney Feature Films on a video for a BRAND NEW Mr. Harley song! I have recently joined Twitter so follow me @mrharleymusic. I have also been booking Mr. Harley up the wazoo (whatever that is!!) I see great things coming my way!


I have successfully returned to Florida and am back to work building Mr. Harley in the South. I had a WONDERFUL time with all of my friends and family in Maine. I am blessed and humbled to have such supportive families who love Mr. Harley. Thank you all for everything! See you next year Maine!


Have you seen Mr. Harley on the Today show yet? Take a look! It’s super super SUPER cool!


Due to weather Kid’s Day in the Capitol Park has been cancelled. HOWEVER, Mr. Harley has found an alternate location for his portion of the event and the show must go on! Join Mr. Harley and the Strollers at Hallowell City Hall in Hallowell Maine for a special welcome home performance. This event is free and is going to be lots of fun! Doors open at 12:30. See you tomorrow!


After 2 and a half days and 1500 miles Mr. Harley has arrived in Maine!!! It feels good to breath the Maine air again! Make sure to check the schedule page for all the shows in July!


I am in North Carolina on my way to Shenandoah National Park for a beautiful trip on the scenic Skyline Drive. I will be in Maine very soon!! I am so excited!


I just realized that it has been quite a while since I updated this news page. Sorry about that everyone. Lot’s of things are going on right now. I am play a lot of really fun shows! I am selling Blue Shirts! Email if you want one. I am coming up to Maine in July! And, I am hard a work on my 3rd Mr. Harley CD! Good things are happening!


Blue Shirt!! Get your very own Blue Shirt here!!! It’s a Blue Shirt that says Blue Shirt on it, what more do you need? They come in all sizes from youth extra small all the way to Double Extra Large for adults!!! If you are interested email for pricing information!!!


Lots of things going on right now in Mr. Harley land. Mr. Harley has an audition at Disney World. That’s right, the one and only Disney World. Just in case you haven’t heard of this company they recently bought Star Wars, and now they are auditioning Mr. Harley. Looks like a good business move on their part, what do you think?


Happy day to you all! Have you liked Mr. Harley on Facebook yet? Go to and show him some love! What about Mr. Harley’s Youtube page, have you seen that? Well, go to and like, comment, and share some videos. Do you want Mr. Harley to perform at your child birthday party? Send him an email at! So much to do so little time!


Exciting news for Mr. Harley’s Maine friends!!! Mr. Harley will be returning to Maine for the month of July!! Do you have an event, or birthday party that you think Mr. Harley would be perfect for? Email for more details. Ask about adding Mr. Harley and the Strollers to the event to make it extra special! Help spread the word about Mr. Harley coming back to town!


Hey World Wide Web surfers, make sure to “like” Mr. Harley on Facebook at It’s just that easy and fun.


Happy New Year everyone! Mr. Harley plans to make this a year to remember! I am working on fulfilling my New Years Resolution which is to make Mr. Harley well know throughout the nation. You can help! Tell your friends about Mr. Harley, and send them to or or to search Mr. Harley and purchase CD’s! You can also listen to Mr. Harley for free on Spotify! 2013 is going to be a good one!


Merry Christmas to all! Mr. Harley hopes Santa brings you everything you want!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don’t eat too much!


Have you booked Mr. Harley for your children’s Holiday Party? If you want Santa to come to your house, I would book it quick! Email for more information.


Attention Florida!! Are you a Preschool, Day Care, or Elementary School looking to book a children’s music performance or get a music program started for your kids? Maybe you are a Library or Community that needs some family friendly entertainment for an event. Perhaps you are a parent looking to book something special to make your child’s birthday party a memory for a lifetime. Well if this sounds like is you, then Mr. Harley is perfect for every situation. Email for booking info.


Mr. Harley has arrived in Florida! He also has 4 event’s at local libraries in the area! Check the schedule page for all new updates!


Huge News!!! This Friday September 14th, Mr. Harley and the Strollers are going to appear on ‘Good Day Maine’ on WPFO FOX 23. The show airs from 7 – 9 AM and the group will perform two songs and have an interview! Check your local listings!


After 10 great years of being Mr. Harley in Maine, on October 1st, I will be relocating to Florida in hopes of making the Mr. Harley family even bigger. I want to say thank you to all of the Mr. Harley fans in Maine and beyond for the love and support I’ve received. I hope you all will continue to follow along with me throughout this journey. Thank you all again and see you at at show real soon!


Mr. Harley has a YouTube Page!!! Check out and see Mr. Harley in action! Don’t forget to subscribe, comment, like, and share!!!


Have you “liked” Mr. Harley on Facebook yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Go to and start following Mr. Harley today! You will be glad you did!


Mr. Harley has named his band!!!! Mr. Harley would like to announce that Aaron Sanchez on drums, and Rebecca (Becky) Sanchez on bass and vocals are now the Strollers!! From now on look closely at the schedule because if it says, “Mr. Harley and the Strollers” then you are in for an extra treat!


Summer is heating up and so is Mr. Harley’s Schedule! Click on the schedule page to view when Mr. Harley will be in your area this summer. If you are interested in booking Mr. Harley for an event, feel free to email him at!


The CD release party for ‘Blue Shirt’ is  now on TV!!! If you are in the greater Augusta Maine Area it will be aired on CTV 7 on Wednesday, May 16th at 5pm; Thursday, May 17th at 10am, and 4pm; Saturday, May 19th at 11am and 4:30pm; Wednesday, May 23rd at 5pm; and Thursday, May 24th at 10am and 4pm! If you miss it it will be on youtube very soon as well! 






Mr. Harley’s CD Release party for Blue Shirt was a total success. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for what’s next! Feel free to “like” me on Facebook at


Here is some more CD Release Party news. On Thursday, March 29th at 5 PM, Mr. Harley will be on 92 Moose (92.3 FM) for an interview to plug the big show on Saturday! If you are not in the area you can listen at This is so cool! Hope you can tune in!


Mr. Harley was on 102.9 WBLM on the show Greetings from Area Code 207 (GFAC 207) hosted by Charlie Gaylord! If you missed it, check out the podcast at Mr. Harley’s interview starts about 9 minutes in!


Children’s music legend, Rick Charette is confirmed to perform with Mr. Harley at the CD Release Party for ‘Blue Shirt’ on March 31st! Also performing at the party is the amazing magician, Conjouring Carroll and his son (and balloon artist,) Zeke! It’s shaping up to be an event you don’t want to miss.

The CD release party for ‘Blue Shirt’ has been set. It will be at the Center for all Seasons in Belgrade Maine on March 31st, 2012 from 1 – 3. Admission is $5 (children under 1 are free.) There will be some VERY special guests, so you don’t want to miss it! See you there!

Everyone rejoice! Mr. Harley’s second CD is finished! The CD is titled ‘Blue Shirt’ and promises to be entertaining, funny, and educational for everyone! Stay tuned!